Hey what’s up guys? It’s The Heavy Metal Viking posting on behalf of The Empress. The lady has been away for a while due to “some shit”. Something about riding horses and being a total badass. So I’m currently working as her temporary “viking messenger”.

She has given me her info and wanted to tell you all to please “excuse my absence”.

Have a lovely day. 

My reactions when anon hate:




Reblogging as a reminder that anon hate is fucking retarded. Bahaha. 

Anonymous asked:
I'm afraid I can't come out; sorry. Another day. You seem a nice person, after all...

Awesome, that’s cool. I understand you completely, anon. 

Anonymous asked:
where you at? out sucking dick?

Out having a life unlike you, anon. 

Anonymous asked:
Your heritage is not something to be proud of. From Spain and Italy, you most assuredly have Arab or African genes mixed in. And being part gypsy is nothing to brag about in Europe, I will say. So like I said before, Scandinavians would have little interest in someone as mixed and impure as yourself. And living in the United States doesn't mean you're not a Mexican anyway. I bet daddy swam across the Rio Grande and married some white trash whore for citizenship and out popped you.

Bahahah, thank you for being extremely ignorant about my father and family. You’re really not being a witty person at all, you know, hating on me on anonymous mode. Keep being a white supremacist, I don’t fucking care. It’s not like you matter to me, anyways. (: 

Anonymous asked:
how can you have a nice butt when you're fat? i don't get it

Thank you for your stupidity, anon! 

Anonymous asked:
At least 23 out of 10? I'd imagine it's at least as good as your taste in music...

You’re being really smooth, anon. I suggest you come out … (;

Anonymous asked:
How nice of a butt are we talking here?

Dunno, you tell me. 


It’s too damn warm.


Three Bats